The Council for Exceptional Children/Ohio



 ​​Mission & Beliefs

The Council for Exceptional Children/Ohio advocates for the rights of individuals with exceptionalities. All persons have unique needs and differing learning abilities. The CEC/Ohio is especially committed to an effective and comprehensive educational service delivery system based on best practice and research. All persons have common rights and therefore CEC/Ohio promotes a positive quality of life for all persons.

CEC-Ohio Constitution           CEC-Ohio Bylaws

Our Mission

To provide services to chapters, subdivisions, and members through conferences and conventions, publications, and opportunities which support personal and professional growth.
To advocate for and promote a positive awareness of individuals with exceptionalities.
To promote collaboration among parents, professionals and others who work with individuals with exceptionalities.
To recruit and retain professionals and others to work with children, youth, and adults with exceptionalities.
To recruit members (professionals, paraprofessionals, parents, college students, high school students, and others, including members of ethnic and minority groups) through active membership campaigns and personal contact

CEC/Ohio’s Annual Goals

Key Issues:
Reputation and Image
Information Dissemination
Membership Growth and Retention

Beliefs Statements

As members of CEC/Ohio we believe that:

CEC/Ohio promotes, creates, and maintains opportunities for student and professional growth.
It is important to understand, value, and respect diversity.
Individuals with exceptionalities should be educated with their typical peers in their neighborhood schools and that integration through inclusionary activities should occur in all areas of their education and community life.
All individuals can be successful adults and that the members of CEC/Ohio serve as facilitators in providing a positive quality of life.
Ongoing and open communication is instrumental in providing comprehensive educational services and that CEC/Ohio strives to provide networking opportunities for parents and professionals.
Interdisciplinary collaboration promotes strong and organized comprehensive services to individuals with exceptionalities.
Educational service delivery systems and programming for students with exceptionalities should be based on research and best practice.
Parents and families serve as vital partners in the education of the children.
The professional growth of practitioners in the field of special education is enhanced through membership and involvement with professional organizations.
Learning is a life long process and that all aspects of an individual’s education must be fully met by professionals and families working together.
CEC/Ohio members have an obligation to comply with and influence the legislative process while promoting best practices.
CEC/Ohio promotes recruitment into the field of special education through the sponsorship of university and high school chapters.
CEC/Ohio members serve as advocates for individuals with exceptionalities including the promotion of self advocacy.
Individuals with exceptionalities have a right to a free and appropriate education and have equal protection under the law.